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General Information

1) If you choose to use  NoodleTools: create a new project where you can track your citations and take notes.

2) Start with an obituary or encyclopedia article to get an overview of your person

2) Brainstorm keywords to use when you search

3) Search the databases and websites listed below.

4) Use the print resources available. Be mindful - several classmates may be researching the same person so print resources may be in high demand. This is a great opportunity to explore the collections at SPL, KCLS, and UW.

5) If you run into a paywall or only able to find an abstract come talk to, or e-mail, Alicia or Suzanne. If you're a Firefox user, give the Unpaywall add on a try.

6) We're offering research drop in times (and snacks) during lunch on the following days:

Wednesday, January 16th
Tuesday, January 22st

Come by if you'd like help or just a dedicated space and time to work.

7) If you're not going to use NoodleTools, here are some citation resources to use alongside your MLA8 handbook:

Purdue OWL
EasyBib MLA8 citation examples


Please try to be consistent and careful with whichever citation method you use. Remember to include URLs and access dates. 


Source Information

Peer Reviewed basically means quality control. Peer reviewed articles have been examined by panels of reviewers who are experts in the field. They look for proper use of research methods and the paper's contributions to existing literature. Peer reviewed articles often contain the following (while other articles do not): author credentials and contact information are often listed, the audience is not the general public, tend to include graphs / tables instead of photographys, and include references / citations.

Primary sources provide direct/first hand evidence about an event, person, place, etc. Examples: historical and legal documents, eyewitness accounts, audio/video recording, speeches, and interviews.

Secondary sources describe, discuss, and analyze primary sources. Examples: magazine or newspaper articles, scholarly articles that discuss said person / event.

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Recommended Databases


If you're trying to access the e-books from off campus, use the code: tnws

Seattle Public Library Resources

The above links will direct you to a log on page before you can access the databases. Use your Seattle Public Library card number and pin (usually the last four digits of your phone number) to log in. If you don't have a library card, you can get one here.

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