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General Information

1) Create a new project in NoodleTools where you can track your citations and take notes.

2) Brainstorm some keywords to use when you search; ie. "bycatch" or "shrimp farming."

3) Search the databases and websites listed below.

4) Use the print resources available to look for information on your indicator species or about your specific fisheries issue. Search print resources by using the index at the back of each book. 

5) If you need to access a database from off-campus, login to Destiny to see a list of usernames and passwords for our databases.

NoodleTools Expectations

Citation Expectations

  • If there is no author given, skip those boxes. Words like “editor” and “staff reporter” do not belong in the author field.
  • If an article name is in ALL CAPS, make sure that just the first letter of every word is capitalized
  • Make sure you are giving the name of a website, and not a shortened version of the URL (example: National Public Radio vs

Notecard Expectations

Your notecards should include:

  1. A title that is connected to the information on the card
  2. A source
  3. A direct quote (no more than 1-2 paragraphs)
  4. Paraphrasing OR a bulleted list (you don’t need a direct quote for this)


If you’re taking notes from a book, you can skip direct quotes, but do include the page number



Recommended Databases

Useful Websites


Use the code tnws for off campus access.

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