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Media Bias


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General Information

Create a project in NoodleTools to track your sources. Share with the appropriate inbox (if applicable). 

Be mindful of search terms

Gather topic ideas through news sources / Google news before moving to Proquest

Stuck? Have a question? E-mail Alicia for help or what one of the instructional videos below.

Quick Tips

From FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting)

Who are the sources
Count the number of corporate and government sources versus the number of progressive, public interest, female and minority voices. 

From whose point of view is the news reported? 
Identify if any of those affected by the issue have a voice in coverage. 

Do stereotypes skew coverage? 
Look for obvious stereotypes, and about consider if stereotypes characterize individuals unfairly. 

Is the language loaded? 
Consider if the language chosen gives people an inaccurate impression of the issue, program or community. Ask yourself if there is more objective way to phrase the statement. 

Is there a lack of context
Is there context – or a backstory – that frames the issue? Decide if you are seeing a complete depiction of the person, incident, or issue. 

News Sources

Instructional Videos