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General Information

1) Create a new project in NoodleTools where you can track your citations, add annotations, and take notes

2) Familiarize yourself with your country by first reading a general overview article in WorldBook or Britannica online encyclopedias (linked below).

3) Pay attention to the history section in the overview article you find. It should help with your historical event.

3) Search the databases and websites listed below. 
    - If you choose to use JSTOR to research your historical event, use the name of your country and the date or name of the event to narrow your results (example: "Algeria AND 1962" or "Algeria AND independence from France"

4) Search for books on the cart in the library. Use the table of contents and index in each book to look for information with each book.

5) If you need to access a database from off-campus, login to Destiny to see a list of usernames and passwords for our databases.

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