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General Information

1) Create a new project in NoodleTools where you can track your citations and take notes. NoodleTools tutorials. 

2) Brainstorm some keywords to use when you search; ie. " Western AND definitions AND race" or "Eugenics and White And Supremacy".  

3) Use Wikipedia or encyclopedias listed below for pre-search. Discover facts about your topic, discover keywords and find synonyms for keywords.  

4) Search the databases and websites listed below.

5) Set up a Google alert for your topic / keywords (

6) If you need to access a database from off-campus, use the usernames and passwords listed below each one

Recommended Databases

General Websites

Synthesizing your Sources

Now you have your sources! Use the following writing tips to comprise your paper: 

  • Provide background information or context - You can use facts and statistics to support generalizations. They also help the reader understand why your topic is important. 
  • Explain items or concepts - explain words or ideas the reader may not understand. Use quotes or paraphrase a source. This can help you clarify concepts. However, its important that you explain why you've used a quote. How does it help further your argument?
  • Support your claims - Back up your arguments with facts and evidence from sources. 
  • Lend authority to your argument -credible opinions help bolster your argument/thesis. But don't rely on them to make the argument for you. One major goal of research is to cultivate your own scholarly voice. He point of research is to cultivate your own scholarly voice. Use your own words and cite authoritative sources to back up your claim. 
  • Anticipate and counter views - it's important to use sources that conflict with your position. Don't ignore them. Use them to provide opposing points of view and then counter them with evidence.  using sources that conflict with your position 


Evaluating Information

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