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General Information

1) Create a new project in NoodleTools where you can track your citations and take notes.

2) Brainstorm some keywords to use when you search; ie. "PKU AND treatment" or "bacterial infections AND education"

3) Search the databases and websites listed below.

4) If you need to access a database from off-campus, us the login information listed below each database.

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Recommended Databases

Web Resources

Grant Writing Resources

Proposal Contents:
A summary - best written after the following is written.
An introduction giving a brief statement of why the area of study is important.
A brief explanation of the work previously done, emphasizing why it is inadequate.
An explanation of how the research you propose would advance knowledge.
An explanation of the research you plan to do.
A statement of the specific hypothesis or hypotheses you will test.
An explanation of how your research will specifically disprove, or fail to disprove, the hypothesis or hypotheses.
A budget itemized to explain the need for the funding that you are requesting.
A justification of the budget to show that all the requests are reasonable.
A timetable to show how you plan to accomplish the work.
A bibliography of the references cited in the proposal.