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Welcome to the Northwest School Library: Research Tips: Middle School

General Information

Remember to:

- Check the LibGuide specific to your research project
- While we're working remotely: keep an eye out for information via e-mail from Charlotte and Alicia
- Track your sources in NoodleTools and share your project with the appropriate inbox


If you have questions you can reach us in the following ways:

- Via e-mail
- Through the research channel set up in Teams by your teachers
- A chat in Teams

Documents to Get You Started

How to evaluate sources

1) When researching a topic you should always evaluate your sources. Not all sources will be reliable and may contain false information. 
2) Use the CRAAP test to help you consider whether a source is trustworthy: 

  • Currency: When was the source created? Does it have current information? 
  • Relevancy:Is the source relevant to your topic? 
  • Authority: Was the source created by an author who in an expert in the topic? 
  • Accuracy:In the information in the source correct? 
  • Purpose:Why was the source created? What is it's purpose?